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Browse our vast variety of Glass Worktop Savers each manufactured from premium quality chinchilla (textured) glass. These worktop protectors are stain and odour resistant making them an ideal medium for chopping and slicing. Each glass board has clear rubber feet to prevent scratching of your worktop surfaces and to prevent the glass board slipping.

The unique designs on these glass worktop savers are literally in many cases a work of art, a copy of a painting of animals and scenery that can not only brighten up your kitchen, they can also make wonderful gifts.









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Buy with confidence GlassWorkTopSavers is owned and run by TCL Cookshops a leading retailer of kitchen and cookware in the UK.

Glass work top savers offer a really practical and useful solution to the perennial problem of protecting kitchen work surfaces, particularly when cutting.

Long gone are the days when the only options were a handful of different patterned worktop savers that you could see in any number of kitchens. In fact, there are now so many beautiful designs that we decided that the best way to showcase them and let people choose which was the right one for them was to give our worktop protectors their very own site!

We have designs to suit everyone – from dog lovers, to bird watchers, to simple abstract patterns and many more besides. In fact the only problem you may now have is being spoilt for choice.

Our worktop savers also come in a variety of 3 sizes in rectangular glass and one size in circular glass.

Most of our worktop savers are made from a textured glass, known as Chinchilla glass. However, we do also offer some with a smooth/flat finish, which is known as float glass. To check which versions are available of each work top saver, just click on the ‘more info’ button.

Although our worktop savers are mostly used as protection for work surfaces in the kitchen they are also great used in the centre of a dining table when serving a casserole for example, just let the pot or casserole cool a little first. Again, with the huge variety of patterns and themes available you’re sure to find one (or more!) that will complement your dining room.

The smaller worktop savers also look great used on bedroom furniture, ready for that early morning cup of tea to be served to you.

Finally, although a worktop saver is a very practical gift the huge array of patterns available means they can make a wonderful personal gift.