Float Glass Chopping Boards

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Clear Float - Glass Worktop Savers | Exclusive in the UK!

CODE: pg-float3022

Price: £14.49

  • 30 x 22cm 
  • 40 x 30cm 
  • 50 x 40cm 
  • 60 x 40cm 
  • 40 x 40cm Square 

Clear Float Glass Work Top Saver

This clear smooth float glass work top saver is exclusive to GlassWorktopSavers.co.uk and is manufactured in the UK by Pearl Glass. Float glass is completely clear and smooth (unlike chinchilla which has a textured surface).

The scratch proof hygenic surface is ideal for cutting, chopping or rolling pastry. However the glass is also designed to stand your hot pans on, straight from the hob or oven (up to 260C), to protect all your work surfaces.

Completely Clear Glass Worktop Saver

Manufactured from 3.5mm low iron toughened glass. Making it both incredibly strong, but also ultra clear, so the worksurface can be clearly seen through it.

Ultra clear glass worktop saver

Our clear float glass chopping boards are made from toughened glass and are heat resistant to 260C. Currently available in the following sizes:
Rectangular 30 x 22cm
Rectangular 40 x 30cm
Rectangular 50 x 40cm
Rectangular 60 x 40cm
Square 40 x 40cm